Podcast: It’s Duck hunting season

Victor and I jumped on to talk about an important weekend for Washington State sports, and what happened with volleyball over the last week. The soccer program will also be headed back to the NCAA tournament as it host Montana.

We also got to discuss our favorite topic, COVID vaccines and athletes who are too stupid to listen to medical professionals. Below are the time stamps if you want to skip segments or listen to specific ones.

  • Poison of choice and introduction (0:00 – 3:04)
  • It’s time for some Duck hunting, a preview of the WSU vs. Oregon football game (3:05 – 23:29)
  • No. 18 WSU soccer is hosting Montana for its fifth NCAA tournament appearance in seven years (23:30 – 33:02)
  • WSU volleyball beat up on the Arizona schools this past weekend (33:03 – 45:55)
  • Aaron Rogers puts his foot in his oversized mouth (45:56 – end)

Fair warning: cussing is a theme throughout, if you don’t like it…don’t listen.

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