Podcast: It’s officially a lockout!

MLB’s first labor stoppage since the 1994-95 strike is here and it was initiated by the owners. The lockout is a business led denial of work which makes it the owners fault by default; but we discuss the reasons that the negotiations between the league’s management and the players union have reached this point in this latest recording of the podcast.

While we didn’t discuss the fact that the lockout freezes the off season, this includes free agent signings, it’s something that should absolutely be noted here. This means that the league generated all this excitement with the rush of the signings prior to the expiration of the CBA and then left its fans with a stinging sense of disappointment and frustration.


The time stamps for our segments are as follows:

  • Introduction and poison of choice (0:00 – 2:55)
  • The MLB lockout and its causes (2:56 – 32:10)
  • Washington State football is bringing back the Air Raid, baby! (32:11 – 51:20)
  • Cougar volleyball was swept out of the round of 32 (51:21 – 64:21)
  • WSU men’s and women’s basketball have one loss, each (64:22 – 77:05)
  • Pete Carrol’s Seahawks complete the sweep of the 49ers (77:06 – 87:06)
  • Our newest segment, the hawtest of hawt taeks (87:06 – 100:34)

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Fair warning: Swearing is a theme throughout this podcast, if you don’t like it don’t listen.

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