MLBPA announces $1 million fund for baseball’s employees

MLB’s decision to cancel the first week of games not only effects the players game day checks, it also impacts thousands of workers across the United States — including those at Spring Training sites. The MLBPA announced today that it’s working with the AFL-CIO to launch a $1 million fund for those workers impacted by the lockout and the cancelation of games.

This move is designed to support the workers who make the ballparks and media broadcast we enjoy possible — electricians, plumbers, food workers, etc. It’s also a very astute PR move by the players that will help…but it’s hard to see how $1 million will stretch very far if more than just the first few weeks are canceled.

But the messaging from the players’ association is clear, we’ll look out for our fellow union members, along with those who aren’t, even if the billionaires won’t.

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