MLB also announced $1 million fund for workers

In response to the player’s announcement last week that they and the AFL-CIO were launching a fund for workers impacted by the lockout; the owners themselves have also announced their own fund.

This fund is specifically for Spring Training workers who are impacted by the owners’ decision. We will see another announcement for a fund for the regular season.


Now we know why the owners took over a week to announce their own fund. They were looking to one-up the players with two separate funds for the two groups of workers impacted by the lockout. It seems likely that they were caught off guard by the MLBPA and had to find away to generate positive PR.

Meanwhile, the league continues to make half assed offers to the players that try to make the CBT into an effective salary cap. The players even moves on penalties to generate a higher starting point for the tax from the league (along with greater annual increases). The owners, apparently, continued to keep a lower starting point; but are now moving more on annual increases.

Negotiations continue in New York.

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