Seahawks reportedly begin rebuild, trade Wilson

Let’s get the nasty bit out of the way right away.

This move is obviously contingent on the Russell Wilson’s approval, thanks to his contract, but it’s a huge surprise to see the Seahawks commit to a rebuild right after they were adamant that they would not be moving the quarterback. So the question is, what is Seattle getting in return for the veteran QB?


Hot garbage, a defensive lineman, and some picks that’s what Seattle is getting. The decision to go out and grab Drew Lock seems like a commitment to tanking less than two years after they poorly committed draft capital to a safety that is most successful in blitz packages; and they used up their picks to do it. Now they’re clearly trying to recoup those picks while also bringing in a 30 year old defensive lineman to help improve their pass rush.

Meanwhile, the offensive line continues to languish and Lock is probably going to get murdered in the pocket with the talented front sevens Seattle has to face in the NFC West.

A rebuild is exactly what I had advocated for at the beginning of February in our Seahawks rescue plan…but I really didn’t expect this front office to commit to it with a 70 year old coach and a quarterback still in its prime with some talent in the secondary. Even if Seattle selects a QB in this draft, or gets another one in free agency, losing someone with Wilson’s talent puts a major hole in the roster and at a crucial position as well. This is a huge win for Denver, a franchise that’s muddled behind poor QB play for most of the last decade (since Peyton Manning left).

I’m sure we’ll have more, but this is huge.

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