The Spiel: Winker crushes a lefty for first M’s dinger

Outfielder Jesse Winker has had probably one of the unluckiest starts in baseball this season. In 105 plate appearances he has hit .186/.324/.221 with a wRC+ of 78 and no home runs headed into Thursday night’s contest at T-Mobile Park. And the M’s drew Shane McClanahan for the first game of the homestand.

McClanahan is a lefty which the 28 year old has historically strug…oh shit.

That was 103.9 MPH off the bat and went an estimated 411 feet to practically dead center. How the hell did Winker do that?

Well, that’s absolutely the worst spot to leave a pitch to a left handed power bat McClanahan. Especially Winker, he’s been swinging at pitches in that part of the strike zone all season long against lefties.


It’s just a bad idea to leave it there for him to make take a big ol’ hack at it. Because that’s exactly what Winker is going to do, and exactly what he did do. And the result is the sod farm out in center has a new baseball shaped hole in it.

That dinger raised Winker’s wRC+ to 89 for the season and was the Mariners’ first hit of the night off of the starting pitcher.

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