The Spiel: K-Lew and Trammel go deep

Kyle Lewis has battled injuries in his professional career, particularly his knees. Taylor Trammel is bouncing back from strained hamstring that occurred on April 7th. Both guys were called up to help a slumping M’s squad that has battled a rash of injuries.

Both took future Hall of Fame starting pitcher Justin Verlander (aka Kate Upton’s husband) deep in the M’s 6-1 route of Houston on Friday night at T-Mobile.



For these two to help beat the shit out of a guy who has been a major thorn in the M’s side since he came to the AL West was amazing. Lewis is probably bound for the full time DH role with his history of leg injuries and Trammell has had a up and down history with his performance and injuries.

Both of their dingers were mistakes from Kate Upton’s husband. Trammell’s was left at waist height in the middle of the plate.

Trammell crushed it 420 feet to right center into the seats out there. That solo shot pushed Seattle’s lead out to five and would be the last run of the game scored. It came in the bottom of the sixth.

As for Lewis’s dinger, that was the second two-run shot in the bottom of the first. This one was another mistake that Verlander made; this time at letter height on his chest in the middle of the plate.


It was Lewis’s first major league dinger since his Rookie of the Year campaign in 2020.

That home run gave starter Chris Flexen a 4-0 lead as he went into the top if the second. The Flex would cruise through seven innings and hold Houston to only one run.

For a squad that has struggled over the last ten games, and has woefully underperformed so far, beating the absolute shit out of Kate Upton’s husband has to feel good. Seattle is now 3-1 against the Astros at T-Mobile Park.

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