Podcast: We’re on the wrong platform

Last time Victor and I got together to record a podcast it was after I’d spent several hours resetting my computer after the operating system. Those problems have only gotten worse in the last two weeks and we were forced to find ourselves a separate platform to get you guys the content you’ve been used to. This led to a failed experiment with Facebook Live before we moved to Twitter Spaces. After a false start, we were able to get it recorded while I watched the M’s game in the back ground.

Despite a 4-9 slump as they entered Wednesday night’s game against the Texas Rangers, the M’s offense was able to find just enough to pick up a 3-1 victory over their division rival. That win combined with a Baltimore loss to take Seattle’s magic number down to three — two more Seattle wins with one Baltimore loss will do the trick. The drought is going to end this season, despite the fact that the Mariners are drunkenly stumbling across the finish line with multiple injuries towards it’s key offensive players.

Victor and I also took time to discuss the Cougars collapse against Oregon, the Seahawks hilarious loss to Atlanta, and we chatted briefly about WSU’s non-revenue sports.

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Fair warning: Swearing is a theme throughout this podcast, if you don’t like it don’t listen.

The Mariners magic number is…

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