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Brett Miller

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Bonus BS Show Episode: WSU Spring footall recap

Brent Schwartz rejoins Brett to talk about the Spring game that was. Who’s going to start at quarterback? Was Max Borghi as awesome as everyone hoped? One position group looks quite scary–which one is it? Listen for the answers to all of that and more!  

From the BS Show: Finally, some clusterluck

What a difference an inning can make, huh? The final score of 6-2 certainly didn’t reflect the fact that through six innings, tonight’s Mariners game was as frustrating as any that came in the five previous days, if not more so, because they were actually putting runners on […]

From the BS Show: Shane has to buy a jersey now

“Seventeen hits? That’s all we got was seventeen god damn hits?” “Brett you can’t say ‘god damn’ on the internet!” “Don’t worry, nobody’s reading anyway…” I hope Harry Doyle would be proud that I paraphrased him in reverse fashion. We’ll never know, though, because he’s a fictional character […]