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Shane Lantz

A goodbye, and a hard reset

“Time is on my side” goes the classic song, written by Norman Meade, and performed in its best-known iteration by The Rolling Stones in 1964. It is a hopeful song. It’s a song of longing, and goodbyes, where the singer is letting go of someone they care about, […]

Mariners get whhhhuuuupped in the Bronx

Following a stretch where  every game seemed to be decided by a single run, the Mariners lost their second straight lopsided game against an American League East team, getting walloped by the New York Yankees in the Bronx. The Yankees are a brutal combination for opposing pitchers, with […]

Huskies punch ticket to first World Series

Baseball is a sport that can be tremendously boring, but also one that can leave you gouging finger marks into the armrest of your easy chair. The Washington Huskies on Sunday night, played a game that left even the most weathered baseball fan flapping their hands in search […]

The glory of the two-run strikeout

Baseball, much like poetry, is unpredictable. Sometimes, it can be as beautiful as a Keats, as simple as a Silverstein, and as stupid and ridiculous as your mom’s corgi trying to learn Latin. Today, baseball was really stupid, as the Mariners lost to the Rangers, 5-1. Baseball was […]

Oh no, Cano

By Shane Lantz The BS Show Robinson Cano was suspended 80 games on Tuesday, for testing positive for Furosemide, a Diuretic drug typically used as a masking agent. So while Cano was not flat out caught using steroids, this suspension still casts doubt over many of the numbers […]

Mo’ Canada

By Shane Lantz The BS Show Oh Canada. What a series this was. From a historic night of bedlam under a domed sky in the Great White North, to an offensive explosion that saw a ball be sent toward its dreams of powered flight, the three-game series the […]

Mariners MVPs and LVPs

The BS Show, with Brett and Shane By Shane Lantz The end of April is nigh, and it’s time to look back on this unexpected month of Mariners joy. From the good to the bad, here are the top Mariners storylines going into May. MVPs: Marco Gonzales: Marco […]

The Greatness of Marco

By The BS Show Shane Lantz I was watching the Mariners game at home on Tuesday afternoon, tucked into the dark repose of my living room, the blinds drawn as me and my Swedish skin avoided the hot sun blazing outside. It was the first inning of the […]

The Sadness of Ichiro

Legends never die easy. They hardly ever die well. Ichiro Suzuki is a legend in the game of baseball. Even more so in the city of Seattle, where he captured the imagination of a generation of fans with his hitting, incredible defense, and blinding speed on the base-paths. […]