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Pac-12 Power Rankings: Texas vs. USC was the rematch we needed

Texas at No. 4 USC was the rematch we all needed after the 2006 Rose Bowl, and our Pac-12 power rankings.

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Tyler Huntley is the real deal

Utes' quarterback Tyler Huntley was impressive in his team's seventh straight Holy War win.

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Cal picks up a big road win over North Carolina

Cal "upset" North Carolina to pick up the first win of the Justin Wilcox era; and our Pac-12 power rankings.

Pac-12 power rankings: Washington survives a trip to SLC

If you had any doubts that No. 4 Washington (8-0, 5-0) was the best team in the conference, the Huskies performance in Salt Lake City should put those doubts to rest. Dante Pettis’s 58 yard punt return for a touchdown gave Washington a seven-point lead with just under four minutes left in regulation. It was ...

Pac-12 power rankings: Oregon State stuns Cal in OT thriller

Oregon State won its first conference game since 2014 in a shootout. While the Beavers in-state rivals got annihilated by the conference's lone playoff contender.

Pac-12 power rankings: The conference is a hot mess right now

The Pac-12 is doing what it does best, eat its young.

Pac-12 power rankings: Colorado is good at this football thing

Bryce Bobo’s one-handed catch with over eight minutes left in the fourth quarter gave the Buffaloes a 39-38 lead; Bobo also caught the two point conversion to push Colorado’s lead to three. The Ducks failed to do anything with their last two possessions, sealing Colorado’s upset victory. Colorado started freshmen Steven Montez in place of the injured Sefo ...

Pac-12 power rankings: Maybe you shouldn’t always go for 2, Helfrich

Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich went for the two point conversion five times in the Ducks’ 35-32 loss at Nebrasaka on Saturday. The Ducks only converted one of those two point attempts, leaving at least four points on the field. Oregon quickly built up a 20-7 lead in typical Oregon fashion. Tony Brooks ripped off ...

Pac-12 power rankings: Cal almost came back against SDSU

The Golden Bears made too many mistakes, and were unable to complete the come back in San Diego.

Pac-12 power rankings after week one

Colorado looked impressive against Colorado State, USC got destroyed by No. 1 Alabama, and the rest of our Pac-12 power rankings are back.

Pac-12 power rankings: Oregon can’t complete comeback attempt at Michigan St.

Oregon's loss to Sparty, Oregon St.'s blowout loss to Michigan, and our Pac-12 power rankings.

Pac-12 Power Rankings after week one

The Pac-12 North is bad, and we should feel bad.

Pac-12 power rankings after week 14

The Bruins loss to Stanford completely altered the Pac-12 South race, and our power rankings.

Pac-12 power rankings after week 13

The UCLA Bruins picked up a big win over cross-town rival USC on Saturday. As a result, the Bruins gave themselves a comfortable lead in the South. Arizona and Arizona State also stayed in the division race with impressive victories of their own.

Pac-12 power rankings after week 12

Oregon State's crazy win over Arizona State cost the Sun Devils an hope at the playoffs, and dropped them in our Pac-12 power rankings. Arizona survived a scare by Washington, Utah hung on to beat Stanford, and much, much more in our Pac-12 power rankings.

Pac-12 power rankings after week 11

The Pac-12 power rankings are back, and Arizona State's impressive victory over Notre Dame kept them at the top spot. Oregon also put together another impressive performance, making those two teams the best in the conference.

Pac-12 power rankings after week 10

Stanford was destroyed by the Oregon Ducks on Saturday, and have fallen out of the top six as a result. Arizona and Utah benefited from the Cardinal's loss...despite losing themselves.

Pac-12 power rankings after week nine

The Pac-12 South has asserted itself as the best division in the conference. ASU, Arizona, and Utah are all competing for the South's top spot.

Pac-12 power rankings after week eight

The race for the Pac-12 crown became a little clearer during week eight. Oregon picked up a crucial win, and a favorite has finally emerged in the South.

Pac-12 power rankings after week six

College football had a completely wacky weekend. The Pac-12 was no exception, and neither are our power rankings.

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