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Well it’s the Consolation Bracket for me…

Unfortunately my fantasy season did not live up to my expectations.  I thought that with a second-place finish last year I might be able to compete for a league title this season but stupid trades, bad luck, and a variety of other factors knocked me from the competitive […]

Fantasy Football Week 12

Allow this graphic to show how terrible my fantasy season is going I am 5-6, and I’m probably going to miss the playoffs! I’ve traded away Calvin Johnson, and my next game is going to be against the league champ who happens to be first in his division. […]

Fantasy Football Week 11

Well I lost again to Blu this week, and it was all because of this guy. Gosh darn it, I’m getting so sick of Drew Brees.  Anyways I won’t have to use the Colts Defense again, considering how they gave me no help at all against the Rams, […]

Fantasy Football Post #9: Week 8

Well I got back on the right track after a 101-72 victory over Conner in Week 7.  As a result my record improves to 4-3.  This week I go against Ryan “Wait…Counting Counts”.  Here’s the lineup, I’m on the left and he’s on the right. “Chad” is b**ch […]

Fantasy Football Post #8

Well you’d think that up 64-62 you’d win in fantasy football this week. You’d think that Andrew Luck would close it out for you. Sadly that wasn’t the case. I fell to 3-3. Reggie Wayne and Danny Woodhead did me in, and Luck’s MNF debut turned out to […]

Fantasy Football Week 6

Well I got my butt kicked last week.  I lost by a score of 82-56.  I didn’t know Calvin Johnson wouldn’t be starting, and it also didn’t help that Adrian Peterson had a bye.  There’s a good chance he won’t be starting this week, but I think he’ll […]

Fantasy Football Week 5

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 5 of Fantasy football. That was a close one.  I barely won by a score of 120-117, and this guy almost did me in. Yah a different Saint almost tore me a new one as Jimmy Graham almost brought Kyle back to […]

Week 3 Fantasy Football

Well so far I’m 1-0 in Week 3 of my NFL picks as I correctly predicted a Chiefs upset tonight.  Now let’s look at my fantasy matchup for Week 3. First let’s look at the league standings. Courgar Alumni Association Standings Season:20132012   EAST TEAM W L T PCT […]