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Here’s this Week’s Gameplan

Hello everyone and welcome to another post by Arthur Wilson (or in other words HOHOHO or kingarthur11).  I have had some personal issues to fight through so unfortunately I haven’t posting much as of late, but all is well now. I will be posting a new Mariners Diary […]

A Quick Update

I just wanted to let you people know I was still alive.  Anyways with NFL and College Football finished up I have a seven month hiatus until the season starts for real again in September.  I could lounge like a jellyfish, but college basketball season is starting to heat up.  Not to […]

NFL Divisional Round

It is time for Round 2 of the NFL Playoffs!  Saints at Seahawks (11-5-0) Saints — (13-3-0) Seahawks — It is probably going to look a little different than that 34-7 blowout on Monday Night Football, but going off of logic the Saints don’t really have much of […]

Fantasy Football Week 9

Well I fell to 4-4 last week.  You might as well call me the New York Jets of fantasy (maybe I deserve more credit than that but still).  Anyways I go against Kansas City Chiefin (Paul) this week.  Must’ve hopped onto that Missouri bandwagon.  Anyways here’s the lineup.  […]

Week 9 NFL Picks Part 2

Sorry about that, I had some technical difficulties.  Here’s the rest of my NFL picks! Steelers at Patriots (2-5-0) Steelers — (6-2-0) Patriots — Pittsburgh isn’t in Kansas anymore.  New England is much tougher than Baltimore and the Jets.  Should still be a good game though. My Pick:  […]

NFL Week 6 Picks

I got back a litttle late from the Coug game so I’m not going to offer a whole lot of analysis into my picks.  I’m just going to tell you straight up who I’m picking.  Here you go! Jets over Steelers Bengals over Bills Browns over Lions Chiefs […]