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Note from the author

Due to the government shutdown a lot of things I have had planned were instantaneously placed up in the air.  As a result I had to deep clean work along with hundreds of other people today and the time that I thought I had to work on certain […]

College Football Week 6 Picks

Hoooray I evened my record with an impressive 4-1 showing last week.  I’m also 3-1 in fantasy and looking to improve off my 1-0 start to my NFL picks this week.  First off let’s go to Tallahassee, Florida. #25 Marland at #8 Florida State (25) Maryland (4-0, 1-0 […]

Week 5 NFL Picks

Well with all the stuff thats been going on with the government, I think it’s time for us to vent our anger towards something else.  I might not have this up in time for the Bills/Browns game, but regardless we can all agree that this one is of […]

NFL Week 4 Picks

Well I’m 1-0 so far this week, and hopefully I get to 3-1 in fantasy as well.  Anways here’s the rest of Week 4. Ravens at Bills (2-1-0) Ravens — (1-2-0) Bills — Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of confidence in this Buffalo Bills football […]

College Football Week 5 Picks

  Well I’m off to a great start this week as both my Thursday night picks won, and Frank Gore got me 19 fantasy points as well.  Now without further ado let’s go to the rest of our big games. #14 Oklahoma at #22 Notre Dame (14) Oklahoma […]

I’m the new guy

My name is Alex Roberts, I’m Neil’s little brother and he brought me on here to talk about wrestling. Let’s wing it and have some fun.

Sounders Roundup

Lots of news trickling out about the Sounders this week; I’ll do my best to run it all down. More key injuries/suspensions/missing players The first part of the Sounders’ season was characterized by a bunch of injuries that helped contribute to the horrendous start. The club finally appeared […]

A Quick Update

Hello everyone!  I apologize for the “No-Show” for my HOHOHOrrible Moment of the Week column, but I was still getting my internet set up in Yellowstone.  I think for now I’m just going to do my posts on Tuesdays because it’ll be the day after Monday Night Football, […]