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AL Cy Young award: Corey Kluber and the art of being very good

Corey Kluber is the only other pitcher who has a shot at the AL Cy Young award this season. The 2014 award winner is in he middle of another sterling campaign.

MLB Playoff Race: Harper hyperextends knee stepping on 1B

Bryce Harper reminded everyone why charging hard on an obvious out is a bad idea. We also have updated playoff odds.

AL Cy Young Award: Chris Sale the strikeout machine

Red Sox's ace Chris Sale is currently the frontrunner for the AL Cy Young award. We take a deep dive into what he's done this season.

Mariners host Angels for a crucial homestand, we’ve seen this before

Remembering Lola-Blue-Za and a nine game losing streak in 2007.

Breaking it Down: Herrera destroys an impossibly low pitch

Photo Credit: Sporting News Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Odubel Herrera has displayed his consistently displayed his power throughout the season — he currently has a career high ISO of .167 — but he hadn’t quite flashed his full potential yet…until Tuesday night. In the top of the fifth inning Herrera came up to the plate following ...

Detroit’s inaction on the trade market will be costly

Tigers ownership won't give GM Al Avila the okay to shed salary, and that's going to be costly for Detroit.

MLB Playoff Race: Seattle make a couple of waiver moves

The Seattle Mariners are hanging around the fringes of the playoff race, so GM Jerry Dipoto made some moves to improve his 40-man roster.

Sunday Funday: The White Sox bullpen made art in its spare time

The White Sox aren't very good at baseball, but their bullpen is good at making art.

Felix is back on the DL, baseball sucks

Felix Hernandez is back on the DL. In related news, the baseball gods are cruel deities.

Breaking it Down: Austin Jackson’s flip into the Fenway Bullpen

In new feature, we take a look at an insane feat of athleticism by CF Austin Jackson.

Dipoto stands pat at the deadline, a delayed reaction

We react to the trades Jerry Dipoto made heading into the non-waiver deadline.

Trade Deadline: Yankees made a bunch of trades, the Red Sox did not

Yankees' GM Brian Cashman was a wizard at the trade deadline, which puts them in position to make a run at their division.

Dodgers hilariously announce Darvish trade with fan’s tweet

The Dodgers used a fans tweet to announce a trade.

MLB Playoff Race: The trade deadline is finally here

With the trade deadline at 4 PM Eastern today, we discuss some of the players that may be on the move. As well as our playoff update.

Ramirez adds needed depth, versatility for Mariners

By adding Erasmo Ramirez to the roster, Jerry Dipoto keeps raising the floor.

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