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MLB Divisional Power Rankings for May

So far in the 2014 MLB season has seen an exceptional amount of mediocrity from the majority of its teams, and only a handful have clearly established that they are better (or worse) than the middling pack. This is especially true in the American League, were there are only five teams that posses a positive ...

AL Central Power Rankings; the after April edition.

  The American League Central, according to our divisional power rankings, is the second worst division in the MLB. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to take a look at the individual teams within the division, after all…it’s only fair. Here’s another reminder of how these rankings work, we will be ranking each team ...

NL West Power Rankings; the post April edition

We continue our look at each of the six divisions within baseball, by handing out rankings to each team within the division using sabermetrics. The three statistics that we will use are wOBA, K/BB, and UZR; each team will earn points by how they end up in the standings in each statistics. At the end ...

AL West Power Rankings; the post April edition

For those of you who saw our divisional power rankings for April, this next part of the series shouldn’t be that hard to follow, as we go through each of the six divisions and rank each team within the division. This way we can figure out which team is the best in the division, outside ...

MLB Divisional Power Rankings for April

Sports fans are weird creatures, we always look to way to prove that our favorite team is better than yours…and that the competition said team plays is tougher than that other team. One of the ways that fans can show that their team plays tougher competition is by looking at the win-loss record of the ...

MLB Power Rankings For Week Six

Sorry that we skipped a week folks; finals and packing got in the way! Anyways, we actually got some pretty interesting results as a result, so I won’t hold you guys too long in the introduction…on to the power Rankings! wOBA Rank Division wOBA Points Awarded 1 AL East .326 6 2 AL Central .320 ...

The AL Central Power Rankings

We move on to the AL Central-the second best division according to my Divisional Power Rankings. This was probably the most fun division to write as all the teams move around a bunch within the categories. So let’s get on to it, and it’s surprising conclusion. wOBA Rank Team wOBA Points Awarded 1 Cleveland Indians ...

The NL West Power Rankings

The NL West topped my Divisional Power Rankings for week four so I was actually extremely excited to see how this division shook out. Well, the division it self wasn’t very exciting to examine…in fact it was down right boring and predictable. But anyway, here they are; your NL West Power Rankings! wOBA Rank Team wOBA ...

The AL West Power Rankings

For those of you who have been following our Divisional Power Rankings, we are going to introduce another part of these power rankings; and that is power rankings for individual divisions. Now that is a lot of work, and since it is a lot of work these are going to be done once a month. ...

MLB Divisional Power Rankings For Week Four

This weeks power rankings saw quite a bit of fluctuation throughout the Power Rankings as several divisions have really started to struggle, and as a result another team has moved into first place in the overall power ranking. For those of you who missed our week three power rankings I’ll briefly go over how this works; thanks ...

MLB Divisional Power Rankings for Week Three

This was originally supposed to go up on Sunday, but a bum knee and Mom’s Weekend got in the way…so now these post go up on Thursdays, YAY! One of the major topics of discussion that pops up every baseball season is which division is the best division in baseball? Normally, analyst and fans look ...

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