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He’s Ours and You Can’t Have Him; Felix Hernandez Throws a Perfect Game

Until August 15th, 2012 only one Mariner pitcher had made a serious (past 7 innings of perfect ball) bid at a Perfect Game. That pitcher’s name was Bob Holman and he threw 8 2/3rds of perfect baseball, 26 up 26 down, on April 20th, 1990. The 27th batter […]

Some Thoughts on the Ichiro Trade

It’s hard to digest the fact that Ichiro is no longer a Mariner. It is even harder to understand that he is now a Yankee. The team that the majority of Mariners’ fans love to hate, actually the team that the majority of the MLB fan base loves […]

Count Down to Opening Day

#4) Fantasy Baseball and Spilled Beer, April 2nd, 2007 The 2007 season was a rather exciting for me. I was entering my inaugural fantasy baseball season and I had drafted six Mariners for my roster and I was rearing to go. The Mariners looked to be a better […]

Count Down to Opening Day

My obsession with Mariners Baseball started on April 6th, 1993. At the ripe old age of four months I attended my first Mariners’ Home Opener. Every year since then, my family and I would hop in the car and head on down to South Downtown (SoDo) District to […]