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Miguel Cabrera will likely win his second MVP. Like always, his offensive numbers are ridiculous. A .350 batting average, 43 HR, and 133 RBIs will usually earn you a couple of awards but the stats don’t stop there for “Miggy”. His sabermetric stats aren’t bad either to say […]

NL Cy Young Race 2013

On my last post I said there was a clear favorite in the AL Cy Young race, that favorite is Max Scherzer. I can’t say I feel that way with the National League though. When you look at the numbers and consider things such as team standing, ballparks, […]

AL Cy Young Race 2013

Hello everyone! Since I finally have time to write I will be providing a brief analysis and prediction of the major awards in Major League Baseball. The awards I will cover are the Cy Young and MVP races. Keep in mind that the player I chose to win […]

The WAR American League All-Star Team

With the All-Star game rapidly approaching, and the Puig controversy just getting settled, I felt like now was a good time to make my All-Star rosters. There will be an American League team post today; a National League team post tomorrow, and a comparison of the two starting […]