Utah survives turnover fest in come back win over the Cougs

Max Borghi left the game with a wrist/hand injury in the second quarter as the Cougs blew a fourth quarter lead in Salt Lake City.

The BS Show – WSU football: UCLOLA, Yeet the Utes

Well that was terrible and awful and we hated it. Brent and I flush this turd quickly, because boy is it ever a stinky one. We discuss the turning points–notably Rodrick Fisher’s fumble, and Mike Leach’s cowardly punt decision. Also, the defense might just be a problem, and #SpecialForces reared their ugly heads again. What…

The BS Show – WSU football: Gordon is great; blow out the Bears

Well, that sure was an ass-whooping, wasn’t it? Anthony Gordon erased all doubt over who deserves to be the starter last Saturday, finishing with 420 yards (hehe) on 29 completions in just 35 attempts, as well as five touchdown passes. Oh, and he exited the game midway through the third quarter. Yeah, that’s pretty good….