Washington is drunker than normal, signs safety to six-year deal

Washington’s NFL franchise made a large deal for a safety recovering from a torn labrum.

The BS Show: Red Dead Redemption 2, and also some sports we guess

We’re back, late this week because Brett is an idiot and forgot it was recording day after his softball practice. All hate mail may be directed to him at brettmillerse@gmail.com. It will probably go ignored like most of his emails. The show starts off with about five minutes of talk about Red Dead Redemption 2….

The BS Show: A lot of talking, but not much said

Shane and I talked a lot this week, despite not much going on in the world of sports. I guess we just missed hearing the other’s voice after more than a week between episodes! After too much time spent catching up, we discuss the turd of a Super Bowl, which leads us to discussing the…

The BS Show: The Superbest Owl

Shane took an hour away from freezing to death to call into the show and record an hour. Mighty fine of him. The show starts with us discussing how terrible the Pro Bowl is, and what should be done about it. From there, we look at all the all-star games for the major sports and…

The BS Show: Edgar Martinez, Hall of Famer

Did you like last week’s episode? That’s great, because we have one more week of Shane sending in his audio clips and me editing them into the show! Obviously, the big news of the week is Edgar Martinez going into the Hall of Fame. For most of the show, Shane and I simply talk about…