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Thoughts on the Seahawks overtime victory over Denver

The Seahawks barely beat the Broncos after dominating the game for three quarters. Bad play calls on both sides of the ball were part of the problem.

Here’s the rest of Week 3!

With the Falcons dominating victory over the buccaneers, my record has improved to 19-16 overall on the year. I will get back to a normal schedule for next week, it’s just that my grandmother’s funeral did change a few things…so with all that said here we go. Chargers […]

Week 2 NFL Picks

I was in Michigan with my family so I was unable to make my Week 2 predictions. I will post the ones I got correct and the ones I flubbed on. Correct Packers over Jets Broncos over Chiefs Texans over Raiders Eagles over Colts Cardinals over Giants Ravens […]

NFL Week 1 Picks!

Well it’s that time of year again. Better than Christmas, better than your birthday, football is back. Let’s start with the kickoff game tomorrow. Packers at Seahawks (0-0-0) Packers (0-0-0) Seahawks In a rematch of the “Fail Mary” game that saw the Seahawks controversially beat the […]