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What the Seahawks World Championship Means to Me

Your Seattle Seahawks are the champions of the world. No seriously, they have this fancy (and shiny) metal trophy to show for it. Watching Paul Allen host the Lombardi Trophy was stunning, unbelievable, and absolutely amazing. There isn’t any way words can describe how much this victory means […]

Super Bowl XLVIII Preview

So it has all come down to this. The League’s #1 Offense (the Denver Broncos) goes against the #1 Defense (the Seattle Seahawks).  The bookies have been making quite a few changes to the betting line for the big game, but as of right now Denver is favored […]

NFL Conference Championship Picks

Well what do you know I actually did well in football this week.  I went 3-1 with my only loss being the delusion that Andrew Luck could beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at home.  Denver gets a shot at them this week, but being a […]

Welcome to the NFL Playoffs

Welcome to the second season of the NFL.  In these grueling weeks to come we will have 12 teams battle it out to decide who will ultimately take home the Lombardi Trophy in New York City this February.  First though is the Wild Card Round.  The last three Super […]