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NFL Week 17 Picks

As far as I’m concerned I’m still in the running for last place in my fantasy football league.  I am up by five, leading by a score of 94-89 for my league’s last place game, but it’s always good to know your still in the running for being […]

NFL Week 16 Picks and Fantasy Football

Allow me to make a long story short here, I’m playing for last place in my fantasy football league and I’d rather not talk about it. Also here’s my picks for Week 16.  Here you go!               matchup information Miami                        vs […]

NFL Week 15 Picks

Well the Cougars got a bowl game for the first time in 10 years, and an SEC team is once again in the National Championship (fingers crossed they don’t win again this year).  This is the NFL though, so let’s start with this Thursdays matchup. Chargers at Broncos […]

NFL Week 14 Picks

Welcome back to football everyone!  I trust Thanksgiving treated you well, and whether you love or hate the holidays another big one is coming up (and is this Author’s favorite one in case you didn’t know).  Without further ado though let’s start on an AFC South Divisional clash. Texans […]

NFL Week 13 Picks

Again I apologize for what seems like a lack of effort in my blog posts this week.  I’m just burnt out from work.  I will return much more rejuvenated once I get some more time off.  Here goes! Jets over Dolphins Broncos over Chiefs Giants over Redskins Bengals […]

NFL Week 12 Picks

Well I’m sorry these are a little late, but I’ve been busy with work related things.  I predicted the Falcons to beat the Saints and that didn’t pan out, so let’s look to the rest of the week. Buccaneers at Lions (2-8-0) Buccaneers — (6-4-0) Lions — The […]

Week 11 NFL Picks

Well I’m back.  I stopped what could have been a monumental catastrophe with one of my best friends over the weekend, but that’s a story for another time.  Anyways let’s start by predicting an AFC South slugfest. Colts at Titans (6-3-0) Colts — (4-5-0) Titans — Even though […]

Week 9 NFL Picks Part 1

Well last week went rather well for me, and I am sitting pretty at 71-49 Overall.  Let’s get off to another fast start in this intra-conference clash in Cincinnati. Bengals at Dolphins (6-2-0) Bengals — (3-4-0) Dolphins — Miami has struggled as of late, and the Bengals are […]

Sidney Rice Out For The Season

The Seattle Seahawks faced the St. Louis Rams for Monday night Football in a big conference match up. The Seattle Seahawks (7-1) defeated the St. Louis Rams (3-5) Monday night in a low-scoring defensive game, 14-9. At the end of the first half Seahawks WR Sidney Rice was […]