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Cliff Avril Bring Pass Rushing Ability to The Hawks

Cliff Avril was confident going into free agency, he felt like he was one of the best defensive ends in the league. In fact he felt like he was going to get a contract similar to Mario Williams. Instead there wasn’t very much interest from teams around the […]

An Alternative NFL Universe

Since I have no life at all I decided to simulate the 2002-2012 NFL playoffs to see what might have happened if the playoff match-ups were simulated again.  You will be shocked by these results. 2002 NFL Champion:  Indianapolis Colts 2003 NFL Champion:  Indianapolis Colts 2004 NFL Champion:  […]

Super Bowl 47 Preview

Well hohoho it’s the Super Bowl.  The Ravens and Niners have braved the gauntlet of challenges that befell their teams and have successfully made it to New Orleans.  Here is my verdict. Super Bowl XLVII:  Ravens versus Niners (10-6-0) Ravens — (11-4-1) 49ers — This game could go […]

Conference Championship Sunday

After an extremely unpredictable 0-4 divisional round I have now fallen to 3-5 on the postseason.  Rest assured that there’s still time to get back in this thing, so let’s get back on the horse and make some picks.  Starting with the NFC Title Game. Niners versus Falcons […]

NFC Playoff Picks

AFC ones should be up.  Here are the NFC picks. Packers versus Niners (11-5-0) Packers — (11-4-1) 49ers — This is kind of funny.  Going back a year ago a lot of people thought the Saints were going to absolutely destroy the Niners at home.  That’s the same […]

AFC Playoff Picks

Well the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs is underway and there are a lot of great match-ups that have been set.  Had I have known that Christian Ponder wasn’t starting against the Packers I’d have been 4-0 last week.  Anyways without further ado let’s begin. Ravens versus […]

AFC Wild Card Playoff Picks

Now here’s the AFC picks! Bengals versus Texans (10-6-0) Bengals — (12-4-0) Texans — Well what do you know.  At this time last year the Bengals and Texans were also gearing up to play each other.  I expect for Houston to rough up Dalton the same way they […]