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NFC Wild Card Playoff Picks!

Well well well, it’s playoff time and in this second season every game counts.  Lose once and you’re out.  The New York Giants last year, and the Green Bay Packers the year before won the last two Super Bowls and they started out in this round so there’s […]

Week 17 NFL Picks

Well here are the last regular season picks for the NFL season.  Hope everyone is having a good holiday so far.  I’m dealing with the delusion that the Seahawks could potentially get a first-round bye, so bear with me here.  Falcons over Buccaneers Jets over Bills Ravens over […]

Week 16 NFL Predictions

Well the NFL season is winding down, and whether you are in or out of the final match-ups for fantasy football, regardless you’re looking to these next few days for the great playoff chase.  Personally I’m in the Finals for a $70 cash prize, so hopefully my team […]

Week 12 NFL Picks!

Here are my Picks for Week 12 of the NFL Season! Texans Over Lions Cowboys over Redskins Jets over Patriots Bears over Vikings Bengals Over Ravens Steelers Over Browns Colts over Bills Broncos over Chiefs Seahawks Over Dolphins Falcons over Buccaneers Titans over Jaguars Ravens over Chargers Niners […]

My NFL Midseason Report

Well the second half of the NFL season is officially underway with tonight’s Colts/Jaguars game.  Barring a miracle comeback by Jacksonville, Indianapolis will move on to 6-3 this season.  This is a time for me to evaluate my NFL picks at the start of the season, what went […]

Week 9 NFL Picks!

Ok people I’ll be honest with you.  A lot of the games on here are pretty much consensus so I think it’d be a waste of everyone’s time to go into a description about each game because for a lot of these match-ups it’s pretty obvious which team […]

Week 8 NFL Picks!

Sorry about not recording my NFL and college football picks last week.  I’ve just had a hard time working the new WordPress layout.  Anyways, things have calmed down in the newsroom, so without further ado let’s preview our week 8 match-ups   Let’s kick things off with Bucs and Vikings. Buccaneers […]