Calgary Flames walk away from arena negotiations

The NHL has another franchise unsatisfied with its arena situation.


Blackhawks Vs. Blues Game 7 Recap

A Game 7 Recap of the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues NHL Playoff Series.


PODCAST: Dusbsism’s Jonathan Werner discusses the MLB All-Star game, and NHL expansion

Dubsism’s Jonathan Werner joined us in our latest podcast to talk about the MLB All-Star game and NHL expansion.


Analyzing the cities that are (probably) going to file for a NHL expansion franchise

On Wednesday, the NHL officially announced that it is exploring options for expansion. It’s a big step for a league to take, despite the fact that one of your teams is still struggling financially and another that could be homeless… Read More ›


NHL beings to explore expansion by accepting applications for franchises

After one day of meetings, the NHL announced that it is officially going to explore expansion, confirming what has been reported on for the last year. The league also announce that it will be accepting formal applications from interested parties,… Read More ›


PODCAST: Doug Taylor previews the Stanley Cup Final

Neil previews the Stanley Cup Final with fellow sports nerd Doug Taylor in the latest episode of the Sports with Neil and friends podcast.


The arena race in Seattle is getting hot

After months of silence on the arena front, the last week has been full of breaking news and insanely hot takes. On Monday, the Tukwila arena became a real thing and on Thursday the reported NHL partner for Chris Hansen’s… Read More ›


Tukwila arena proposal filed, Ray Bartoszek leads the charge

The long rumored Tukwila arena proposal is finally a reality. As Ray Bartoszek has started to submit paperwork to the city.


NHL commissioner Bettman says Bellevue and Tukwila could be sites of an NHL arena

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said that the NHL has received multiple overtures from prospective owners in the Seattle area. These owners have discussed arenas in Bellevue or Tukwila with him.


Five reasons Seattle is a viable NHL market

There are people out there who think that Seattle might struggle as a NHL market, especially if its an expansion team. I say that’s hogwash. Here are five reasons that Seattle would be a viable market for the NHL to expand to.


According to a report: NHL to expand to Seattle, Quebec City, Las Vegas, and Toronto by 2017

Howard Bloom of Sports Business news is reporting that the NHL is going to be expanding to Seattle, Quebec City, Las Vegas, and Toronto by 2017. According to Bloom, the expansion fee for all four franchises would total $1.4 billion… Read More ›


The NHL Commissioner reportedly flew to Seattle to get an update on the SODO Arena

The NHL to Seattle rumors that Seattle Times investigative reporter Geoff Baker started a month ago received a major boost on Tues. March 13th; when King 5 reporter Chris Daniels broke the story that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmand and Deputy Commissioner… Read More ›


An update on the NHL expansion rumors

In February, Seattle Time’s columnist and investigative reporter Geoff Baker wrote several articles that kicked off a runaway hype train about expansion to Seattle, Washington. It’s a train that I gleefully hoped on board with several articles about what the… Read More ›


Examining potential NHL expansion partners for Seattle

The rumors that the NHL is prepared to announce expansion to Seattle by no later than June has created a lot of excitement in Seattle. But these rumors have also led to questions regarding the NHL’s current divisional alignment; there are… Read More ›


NHL is set to announce expansion no later than June

The rumors of a NHL expansion franchise to Seattle are looking more like reality than rumor after Geoff Baker’s latest article in the Seattle Times — warning, that link is behind a pay wall. According to his newest article, the NHL… Read More ›


Steve Ballmer is rumored to be the third potential NHL owner in Seattle

In an interview with Vancouver’s Team 1040 radio host Serkes and Price, Seattle Times reporter Geoff Baker stated that the third rumored NHL owner in Seattle is billionaire Steve Ballmer. Ballmer is part of the ownership group that is trying… Read More ›


Examining what the potential NHL expansion could mean for ROOT Sports

ROOT Sports is a struggling regional sports network that covers sports stories around the Pacific Northwest. The network is currently home to the Seattle Mariners, West Coast Conference basketball, UFC fighting, and the Portland Timbers; in other words, the network… Read More ›


According to a report: the NHL is set to announce expansion after the Olympics

Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times is reporting that the National Hockey League has been in negotiations with a potential ownership group for an expansion franchise, and that the negotiations are so advanced that the league is prepared to announce… Read More ›


Sports Blog Movement NHL Previews: The Link Post

I am the first to admit that I know next to nothing about hockey, and that’s the reason that it isn’t heavily covered on this blog; it isn’t like we wouldn’t love to talk about hockey — it would be… Read More ›


A Look at The How The Phoenix Coyotes Ended Up In Their Current Situation

Editor’s Note: I reached out to Brendan Porter of Five For Howling to write a piece about ho the Phoenix Coyotes ended up in their current situation. Unlike the situation with the Sacramento Kings, I really have no clue about what… Read More ›

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