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The BS Show: Keep your arms and legs inside the bandwagon at all times

Tough walk-off loss today, but luckily for the mood of the podcast, that hadn’t happened before we recorded! The Mariners went 2-3 between recordings, but since games were against Boston and New York, we’re in relatively optimistic moods. We spend most of this episode talking about which Mariners […]

The BS Show: First Place Best Place

For the first time in our 35 week history, the Mariners are alone in first place in the AL West! Even though they lost a tough one against the Astros tonight, we’re both pumped as all h*ck to be talking about a first-place team this late into the […]

Oh no, Cano

By Shane Lantz The BS Show Robinson Cano was suspended 80 games on Tuesday, for testing positive for Furosemide, a Diuretic drug typically used as a masking agent. So while Cano was not flat out caught using steroids, this suspension still casts doubt over many of the numbers […]