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Sacramento has broken ground on its new basketball arena

The Sacramento Kings officially broke ground on its new arena on Wednesday. It was a moment that fans of the team have been hoping to see for the last 10 years.

Talking Seattle Sonics, Sacramento Kings and The NBA With Nate Hughart

Friend of the blog Nate Hughart (who wrote this lovely timeline for us) sat down and did a quick video interview with me via Google+. We discussed the Sacramento Kings and expansion. Here is the vid! Advertisements

The Relocation Committee Stays With Sacramento

The NBA’s Relocation Committee reaffirmed it’s commitment to the City of Sacramento today, and stayed with its 7-0 Vote to deny the relocation to Seattle. This announcement has come on the heals of the leak that said the Maloofs and Hansen had agreed to a back-up offer for 20% of the Kings if the NBA rejects Hansen and ...

Hansen Makes Two Moves on Consecutive Days; The NBA Kings Saga Gets Moar Crazy

Hansen did not agree with the Relocation Committee’s unanimous vote to deny the Kings Relocation to Sacramento. He even went as far as quoting Muhammad Ali to prove that he was not going to lay down and take the Committee’s decision. Instead he upped his valuation of the Kings $75 million (from $550 million to ...

The NBA Relocation Committee Votes 12-0 To Keep the Kings In Sacramento

The wait for the return of the Sonics will have to be a little longer. Today the NBA Relocation Committee voted unanimously voted to keep the Kings in Sacramento. While this isn’t the end all, it is a pretty huge sign that the City of Sacramento will be keeping the Kings. The final BOG vote ...

According to a Report, The NBA is Looking at an Expansion Team in Seattle For 2014-2015 Season

There is an effort to satisfy both cities in the #NBAKings saga: I am told there is a plan being talked about where #Seattle would … — Tim Montemayor (@TheMontyShow) April 24, 2013 …get an expansion team in 2014/2015 and most of the requirements for that process are already met through the current situation #NBAKings ...

So It Has Come To This

Think of @CarmichaelDave and I as a hospice for the terminally ill. Just trying 2 make SAC fans as comfortable as possible. #nbakings — Faux Aaron Bruski (@FauxAaronBruski) April 22, 2013 Brian ( @206empire) will of course hide behind his blog. THATS the difference. We are OUT here. In the OPEN. IN New York. All ...

Comparing The Sacramento and Seattle Arena Deals

The Cities of Seattle and Sacramento have put forward two arena deals; one City is trying to regain what it lost five years ago, and the other is trying to save what it already has (for the third time in the last three years). Not only do these Cities have solid arena deals, they also ...

Sacramento Has A Term Sheet, Now We Wait

I’m pleased to announce an agreement w/ Burkle-Mastrov-Ranadive group on a public-private partnership to build a new ESC at DT Plaza Mall… — Kevin Johnson (@KJ_MayorJohnson) March 23, 2013 But wait! There’s more! For a comparable investment to the 2012 deal, we've secured more private investment & greater econ development potential at the new site… ...

Mastrov/Burkle Bomb Dropped, Sacramento is Also Targeting A WNBA Team

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson came through in a huge way tonight during his State of the City address. He officially announced the large equity investors (Mastrov and Burkle), the site of the arena (Downtown Plaza Mall), a $50 million investment from local businesses for advertising in the new arena, the goal of the 20 local investors, oh and the ...

According to A Report; Sacramento is in The Lead For NBA Kings

The Kings are the hottest commodity in the NBA, and right now Sacramento looks like they are in the lead for keeping their only Major League team. According to a report, Kevin Johnson’s lobbying with the commissioner and the other owners in the NBA is working. In fact, the Maloofs have only made Johnson’s job easy. They have operated the Kings ...

Hansen Has Filed For Relocation; The Future of the Kings Is In Sacramento Is Getting Bleaker

Today David Stern said that Chris Hansen and his ownership group had filed for the relocation of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. This occurred in Minnesota today, and was reported on by USA News. Another thing that became immediately clear from the article is that Stern likes the Hansen’s ownership group. “We have had submitted a signed ...

A Bankruptcy Auction Could End Up Deciding the Kings Fate

The twisted saga that is the Sacramento Kings has taken another turn. his time the turn would help keep the team in Sacramento or it could guarantee that Hansen and his group could end up owning, and relocating, the franchise. This time, the turn revolves around a 7% minority stake in the Kings ownership. When ...

The Return of The Sonics; Why The Kings Still Could Still Stay in Sacramento

The Maloof Brothers have entered into a binding agreement with Chris Hansen and his ownership group to sell the Kings. Since the Kings do not have a multi-year lease on Sleep Train Arena, it seems the Kings will be playing in Seattle for the 2013-2014 NBA Season. That is cause for celebration up Seattle, and ...

The Sacramento Kings Arena Saga

Once word broke that the Maloof brothers, owners of the Sacramento Kings, were negotiating a $500 million sale to Chris Hansen and his group, there was plenty of celebration in Seattle. This was also unbelievable bad news to those who had spent the last 27 seasons supporting the NBA’s version of a mobile home. That ...

A Timeline of the Kings (Probable) Decent Into Seattle

Editors Note: This is a timeline of the events that have led the Maloof brothers to negotiating with Chris Hansen’s Ownership Group. I was perusing a Sacramento Kings’s blog and decided to see if anyone was willing to write a post about the Kings under the Maloofs. Fortunately Nate Hughart (author at Evil Clowntown, Inc.) offered to ...

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