Seattle Arena

Silver: Seattle will be on a “short list” for expansion

NBA commissioner Adam Silver stated that Seattle will be on the short list for expansion, once the league considers expanding.


Key Arena renovation proposal shaping up to be traffic disaster

Despite traffic issues at the Key Arena site, the mayor’s office is pushing for an MOU without a plan for traffic mitigation.


Murray’s handling of proposed Key Arena renovation, Sodo arena proposal, stinks

Murrays handling of Seattle’s arena situation has lacked transparency, to this point.


Sodo arena vs. Key Arena renovation, and repeating history

Over 20 years after the first Sodo arena proposal fell through, Seattle is looking at potentially renovating Key Arena…again.


NBA is considering expansion, Seattle is one of the favorites

The NBA would like to expand again.


Its dead.

With a 5-4 vote, the Seattle City Council voted against vacating a stretch of Occidental Avenue for the proposed arena; effectively killing it…and the Sonics.


The arena race in Seattle is getting hot

After months of silence on the arena front, the last week has been full of breaking news and insanely hot takes. On Monday, the Tukwila arena became a real thing and on Thursday the reported NHL partner for Chris Hansen’s… Read More ›


Tukwila arena proposal filed, Ray Bartoszek leads the charge

The long rumored Tukwila arena proposal is finally a reality. As Ray Bartoszek has started to submit paperwork to the city.


Seattle mayor says arena FEIS is due on May 7th, NHL first option is real possibility

Seattle mayor Ed Murray has set a due date of May 7th for the environmental impact statement, and that he would be behind a reasonable NHL first MOU amendment.


PODCAST: Our interview with SonicsRising author Paul Rogers

We discussed the potentia Tukwila arena, as well as comments made by the NBA commissioner with SonicsRising author Paul Rogers in our latest podcast.


Chris Daniels is reporting Seattle mayor Murray met with NHL and NBA commissioners

King 5’s Chris Daniels is reporting that Seattle mayor Ed Murray met with the commissioners of the NBA and NHL.


ESPN’s Simmons has a conspiracy theory about the Bucks

The Bucks future in Milwaukee is in doubt. Grantland’s Bill Simmons has an interesting conspiracy theory about what the NBA wants with the franchise.


According to a report: NHL to expand to Seattle, Quebec City, Las Vegas, and Toronto by 2017

Howard Bloom of Sports Business news is reporting that the NHL is going to be expanding to Seattle, Quebec City, Las Vegas, and Toronto by 2017. According to Bloom, the expansion fee for all four franchises would total $1.4 billion… Read More ›


The NHL Commissioner reportedly flew to Seattle to get an update on the SODO Arena

The NHL to Seattle rumors that Seattle Times investigative reporter Geoff Baker started a month ago received a major boost on Tues. March 13th;¬†when King 5 reporter Chris Daniels broke the story that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmand and Deputy Commissioner… Read More ›


Will the Sonics be back by 2017?

The Seattle SuperSonics haven’t existed since the original franchise relocated to Oklahoma City following the 2007-08 season. But the fan base still exist, and is still fighting to get its team back; and it seemed like only the fans were… Read More ›


Why the Seattle City Council’s reported stance on the hockey first option is a mistake

Seattle City Councilmen Tim Burgess has stated that he does not believe that the Memorandum of Understanding — between Chris Hansen and the City — will be renegotiated to allow for a NHL first option. This statement comes on the… Read More ›


What the NHL expansion rumors could mean for the SODO Arena

Rumors of an expansion NHL franchise have sent the Seattle sports community into a frenzy. These fans have spent the days since Baker’s report trying to decipher what a potential expansion franchise would mean for the Seattle Arena; after all,… Read More ›


Anti-Arena Groups Attempt to Gain Momentum in Seattle

Hansen and his ownership group have remained relatively quite in the last eight months and the anti-arena groups have been dominating the headlines during that time period. These anti-arena groups were drowned out during the early portion of 2013 (thanks… Read More ›


The Latest Seattle Expansion Rumors

The NBA and the NHL have denied that both leagues are looking into placing expansion franchises in Seattle, but that hasn’t stopped rumors about expansion from being published. Those expansion rumors are coming from both leagues, and now is a… Read More ›


According To a Report, The NBA is Looking For A Companion Expansion City.

The saga regarding the Kings is over, as far as Seattle is concerned. As a result, a lot of people are now considering expansion as a serious option. Tweets from Tim Montemayor are now getting serious consideration, as Sonic fans… Read More ›

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