Community Guidelines

We welcome you to the Sports with Neil and friends community, it’s great that you’re hear and exploring our website. It’s also great that you guys are interested in integrating yourself into our community. But before you post a comment into an article, we would ask you that you keep these guidelines in mind as you comment.

1) Please use proper grammar and punctuation in your comments. It takes an extra couple of seconds to makes sure that you capitalize the beginning of sentences and proper nouns; as well as adding the appropriate punctuation at the end of your sentences.

2) Keep your comments related to the post topic. It is extremely annoying when we spend all of this time researching and writing post, and then someone drops a random comment that is completely unrelated to the topic of the post.

2A) Politics are part of sports, but keep it relevant: The reality is that politics and policy affect everything in life, including sports. This means that there will be post discussing player reactions to situations and how leagues are handling it. This is not an invite for you to go on a rant about your beliefs, keep it relevant to the post and the topic or you will be banned.

3) Make sure your comments add to the quality of discussion. This is related to guideline No. 2, it’s extremely annoying when we take time to write these post and the comment says “You’re wrong.” and that’s it. If you disagree with our point, bring in some information and data to back-up your statement. This way we can actually have a discussion and potentially learn from it.

4) Personal attacks are a no go. There are going to be times when we create a post about a players poor performance, that is not a moment to personally attack that player. It’s also not okay to personally attack the authors or fellow community members.

5) Jokes are okay, jokes in poor taste are not. It’s okay to crack a joke about an athletes poor performance, or a coaches dumb decision. Just don’t bring their race or ethnicity into it…at all.

6) Have fun! This is a community of sports fans, we’re hear to discuss our love of all thing sports. So let’s do just that.

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