Seahawks’ offense was ineffective in upset loss to New Orleans

Seattle tried to return to its running game against New Orleans, the results were disastrous.

The BS Show: Seahawks & Shane say so long for now

Shane’s personal news leads the show off: He’s leaving Seattle to take a job as a sports reporter in Mason City, Iowa! As his co-host, I can say I’m quite excited for Shane being able to chase his dream, and I can also say that, while our schedule may change, this is not the end….

The BS Show: Stop running on second and long!

Sorry guys, the Zunino trade news broke after we finished recording for the day. That always seems to be our luck with these kind of things. BS luck, one might say. Anyway, we open the show discussing the upsetting events that transpired at CenturyLink Field last Sunday, that we both had the misfortune of witnessing…

The BS Show: An anniversary and a eulogy

Hey there, welcome! So glad you could make it to our anniversary party! Oh…yeah, no, it’s fine…we didn’t expect you to bring anything. Yeah, the food’s on the table next to the other table with all the gifts. No no, don’t feel bad! We didn’t ask for anything, so it’s fine, really. Anyway, welcome to…