ALCS: Cleveland’s pitching staff is its biggest advantage

Cleveland’s deeper and more consistent pitching staff is big advantage over the Blue Jays.

Three reasons the Kansas City Royals will win the 2014 World Series

The Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants will face off in the 110th World Series. The Giants have a chance to establish themselves as a dynasty by winning their third championship in the last five years. This is the Royals first World Series appearance since the 1985 season where they beat St. Louis…

Three things to watch for during the 2014 AL Wildcard

The Oakland Athletics survived their two month long collapse, and are facing the Kansas City Royals in Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday night. Here are three things to watch for during the first game of the 2014 MLB Playoffs.

Thoughts on the Mariners and the playoff race

The Seattle Mariners find themselves hunt for October, in September, for the first time since 2003. In 2003, the M’s coughed up a division and WC lead to Oakland…now its the A’s turn.

An early look at the MLB playoff race

As the MLB season has completed its first month, there are only a handful of teams that appear to be out of the playoff picture *cough, cough..Astros*. This is easily the most optimistic time of year for many fan bases around the MLB landscape, and it means that a lot of fans are wondering whether or not…