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The BS Show: Jean Segura is gold, only AL All-Stars break the mold

Mariners fans did the thing, and ya boy Jean Segura is now going to the All-Star game in Washington, D.C.! Congrats to Seattle’s plucky little shortstop on his second All-Star game appearance, and first for the American League. Outside of that, the Mariners had an up-and-down week, winning […]

From the BS Show: Shane has to buy a jersey now

“Seventeen hits? That’s all we got was seventeen god damn hits?” “Brett you can’t say ‘god damn’ on the internet!” “Don’t worry, nobody’s reading anyway…” I hope Harry Doyle would be proud that I paraphrased him in reverse fashion. We’ll never know, though, because he’s a fictional character […]

It’s time, Mariners

After slogging through the toughest part of their schedule in June and early July, the Mariners seemed like they were dead in the water; they were 5.5 games out of the wildcard and had dropped to third place in the AL West. Since then, the M’s have been […]