NHL commissioner Bettman says Bellevue and Tukwila could be sites of an NHL arena

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said that the NHL has received multiple overtures from prospective owners in the Seattle area. These owners have discussed arenas in Bellevue or Tukwila with him.

Five reasons Seattle is a viable NHL market

There are people out there who think that Seattle might struggle as a NHL market, especially if its an expansion team. I say that’s hogwash. Here are five reasons that Seattle would be a viable market for the NHL to expand to.

An update on the NHL expansion rumors

In February, Seattle Time’s columnist and investigative reporter Geoff Baker wrote several articles that kicked off a runaway hype train about expansion to Seattle, Washington. It’s a train that I gleefully hoped on board with several articles about what the expansion rumors meant for the SODO Arena, that expansion was coming by June, and what…

A Look at The How The Phoenix Coyotes Ended Up In Their Current Situation

Editor’s Note: I reached out to Brendan Porter of Five For Howling to write a piece about ho the Phoenix Coyotes ended up in their current situation. Unlike the situation with the Sacramento Kings, I really have no clue about what has happened since the franchise left Winnipeg. Thankfully Brendan was willing to sit down and write a…