Previewing the Mariners six-man rotation

The Mariners six-man starting rotation will give them flexibility and depth after a shortened training camp.

The BS Show: Red Dead Redemption 2, and also some sports we guess

We’re back, late this week because Brett is an idiot and forgot it was recording day after his softball practice. All hate mail may be directed to him at It will probably go ignored like most of his emails. The show starts off with about five minutes of talk about Red Dead Redemption 2….

The BS Show: Seahawks & Shane say so long for now

Shane’s personal news leads the show off: He’s leaving Seattle to take a job as a sports reporter in Mason City, Iowa! As his co-host, I can say I’m quite excited for Shane being able to chase his dream, and I can also say that, while our schedule may change, this is not the end….

The BS Show: Playoffs, bowls, and baseball, oh my!

A new year means it’s time for new BS, even though it really does sound a lot like the old BS. I guess our resolutions haven’t quite kicked in and made us new people yet. Maybe next week! The Seahawks squeaked out a win against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, winning 27-24 in a game…