So Far in Baseball: Yu Darvis And His Near Perfect Game; Kershaw Does Everything By Himself; and SeaBeast is Unleasshed in Oakland

So we are going try some new things a couple of new things for our baseball coverage. This is the first part, and it is a weekly .GIF/Social Media post (Warning this will mean slow loading for your browser); in other words, there will be minimal text.

Last night Yu Darvish took a Perfect Game 8 and 2/3rd innings last night. Yu would not believe the number of Yu puns that were made…

Oh, and here is the .Gif of Marwin Gonzalez breaking up Darvish’s perfect game;

Clayton Kershaw is one nasty pitcher;

Not only can he pitch, he can hit. Oh and some Official Twitter account humor;

Michael Morse had a couple of home runs last night; and one of them was a moonshot.

Last but not least, some more Twitter Humor;

So, what do you guys think?

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