NBA Playoff Post #1: We have our first Game 7

Tomorrow night is going to mark our first Game 7 of the NBA season.

The #3 seeded Los Angeles Clippers and the #6 seeded San Antonio Spurs have been going at it for a while and this without a doubt is our best first round series of the NBA Playoffs.  The Brooklyn Nets have an opportunity to extend their first round series with a win over the Atlanta Hawks tonight, but the odds are that Atlanta will probably win that one and take the series in six games.

There has been a lot of stellar play by both teams.  Chris Paul and Blake Griffin of the Clippers had 33 points, 11 assists, and no turnovers in the second half of Game 6 to force the deciding game in Los Angeles.  2014 Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard has been playing very well too, scoring 32 points in an impressive 100-73 win in Game 3 to show that the Spurs are slowly becoming his team.

The Clippers had a chance to take Game 5 and the series, but what happened was DeAndre Jordan was called for offensive goaltending with 4.3 seconds left, and what should have been a 109-108 Clippers lead soon turned into a 111-107 Spurs victory.

I think the Clippers will probably win Game 7 because of how easily they were able to steal one in San Antonio, but believe me when I say that this truly is a coin flip.  Winner plays the #2 seeded Houston Rockets in the next round.

Doc Rivers was right when he stated that this was too good to be a first round series, after all the winner could represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals.

Stay Classy Everyone!