NCAA Basketball

NCAA Tournament Post #4: Duke, not Kentucky is the Champion

Mike Krzyzewski won his fifth national title as Duke’s head coach.

Well it appears that Kentucky has honeydi**ed us as basketball fans.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, that was a popular phrase used in Seth Rogan’s “The Interview” movie that was released last year on Netflix.  This is a sports blog, however, not a movie blog so I will let you fill in the details.

I watched the Wisconsin Badgers upset the Kentucky Wildcats 71-64, but it might not have been as big of an upset as people think.  Sure Kentucky was 38-0, but the quality of competition in the SEC definitely isn’t as strong as in the Big Ten or ACC for example.  John Calipari will lose his entire starting lineup to the NBA, but weirdly enough they will be favored for the title in 2016.

This tournament was hijacked by the Wildcats shot at perfection, but Duke regardless is the champion, and many people viewed them as an underdog.  Krzyzewski won this game thanks to four freshmen.  You’d think that after the upset of Kentucky, both Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker would steal the show.  Dekker was held to only 12 points, and while Kaminsky did outplay Duke Center Kahlil Okafor for a majority of the game, he came up big when it mattered most.

At one point Duke was down nine, and they were able to rally to take an eight point lead with 1:22 left and take the game for good.  There were some controversial calls late in the game that went Duke’s way, but in the end it didn’t have to be perfect for Duke.  They just wanted to be champions.

Stay Classy Everyone!