Felix Hernandez To Make Ridiculous Amount of Monies The Next Seven Years


Luv u 2 Felix

Felix Hernandez loves the Mariners and the Mariners love him. Today their love was proven as the M’s inked the ace to a seven-year, $175 million deal. In case you’re wondering that’s an average of $25 million a year, and it is the richest contract for a pitcher in MLB History.

That’s right, he is earning more than C.C. Sabthia and Zach Greinke annually. The Mariners have made a pretty solid commitment to the face of the franchise, and the best player they have had on their roster for the last few years.  It sends a clear message to him and the remaining Mariners fans that this team is serious about competing; it also sends a clear message from Felix to fans, and it’s not just that he loves Seattle.

No the message that this sends from Felix is that he believes that the franchise is on the right path, and that they are going to win during his time in Seattle. Many fans feel that the Franchise has drifted back towards its modus operandi from the 1980’s. By signing Felix to the richest contract (for a pitcher) in MLB history, the Franchise has indicated that it is going to secure the players who have earned his due. As everyone knows, Felix has more than earned his due.

This is probably the happiest I’ve been when it comes to the Mariners off-season in a while. And it is completely because of this signing; sure they added a couple of home run threats in Morales and Morse, but they really hadn’t done anything to improve themselves for the long hall. While this doesn’t really improve the team for the long-term, it doesn’t allow for the number one spot in the rotation to get any worse during that period of time.

So celebrate M’s fans. We still have our King.

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