Mariner Diaries #5: Well you don’t see this every year

Ever since April 23rd the Seattle Mariners have been on a roll.  They have won 8 of their last 10 games, and are 1/2 of a game behind the LA Angels for second place in the AL West (the Oakland A’s currently lead the division with the Mariners 5 back of them).  Let’s also take a look at the Wild Card standings.

LA Angels 34 28 .548 18-13 16-15 296 263 +33 Won 3 5-5
Seattle 34 29 .540 14-15 20-14 262 230 +32 Won 3 8-2
Baltimore 32 30 .516 1.5 13-14 19-16 268 274 -6 Won 1 6-4
Cleveland 32 31 .508 2 21-11 11-20 278 287 -9 Won 2 8-2
NY Yankees 31 31 .500 2.5 13-16 18-15 249 280 -31 Lost 2 3-7

If the playoffs were to start today the Mariners would have the second Wild Card spot (while the Angels would get the first).  This team has definitely improved since mid-April.  The Mariners have the potential to have four All-Stars on the team (Robinson Cano, Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, and Fernando Rodney).  Plus this guy might get Cy Young #2.

Whether this team gets its first playoff appearance since 2001 or if they flop in the middle of September, it’s good to have a club that is playing some meaningful baseball.  Let’s just try not to get too excited…or too pessimistic.

Stay Classy Everyone!




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